We produce a constantly changing range of products, most of which are foods, but we also occasionally also produce some other related items.

The main ethos of The Copper Pot is historic foods, so we currently focus upon the period from the 14th century through to the Victorian period

Hot Chocolates

Stews etc

  • 14th Century Mounchelet Stew
  • 1596 Stew
  • 18th Century Currey

Biscuits, Breads etc

  • Saffron Bread
  • 18th Century Gingerbread
  • 18th Century Pink Pancakes

Spices & Herbs

  • Graines of Paradise
  • Cubebs
  • Long Pepper
  • Jamaica Pepper
  • Galingale
  • Cacao
  • Cochineal

Spice mixes

  • 14th Century Strong Black Spice
  • 1570 Spice Mix
  • 1555 Menues Herbes

Drink Mixes

  • Ypocras
  • Lamb’s Wool

Recipe Books

  • Damsons
  • Chocolate

Kitchen Equipment

  • Sugar Loaf
  • Whisks
  • Pastry Brushes


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